Sunday, March 20, 2011

Little Easter Reflection 1

My earliest memories of Easter are green pants and a yellow shirt. I hated dressing up when I was a child, but I never minded putting on my Sunday best for Easter. One year I remember my mother buying me a bright green pair of dress pants with a yellow polo style shirt to match. I remember loving putting it on and wearing it. I don't remember much else about that Easter, or any other Easters from my childhood, so I don't really know why this outfit stands out in my mind so much.

I also remember that as soon as I got home, the clothes were changed because the last thing I wanted to do was get myself messed up and dirty.  That's kind of what salvation is like.  Christ cleans us up, we put on "the clothes of Christ" and are made into something new.  That's what Easter is; the making of something new and fresh and clean.  God has entered my life through Christ and I am a new creation.  Clean and bright.  Why would I want to go out and get that dirty?

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