Monday, November 30, 2009

Save Us, We Pray

This video is from Worship House media. It is a rather melancholy look at Advent, but I believe the juxtaposition of the imagery with the music is so disturbing that the point is well taken. How far have our expectations of life drifted from the reality that is promised in Christ. Here are several questions posed by the producers:

Are your expectations for the perfect Christmas sabotaging your chance to experience the real path of Christmas? What will it take to begin a fresh journey? Are you trapped in the same mechanical process of preparing for Christmas year after year? With whom in your life can you start new and meaningful traditions that celebrate Jesus’ incarnation? Are you able to rejoice in the coming of Emmanuel?


Anonymous said...

This view of advent is shown from another source, the Advent Conspiracy. I think the message is similar but the advent conspiracy is slightly more articulate and direct about it.

Steven Turner said...

I've heard of the Advent Conspiracy, but I have not taken the time to learn a great deal about it. Thanks for the reference, I hope to take some time to learn more about it.

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