Monday, December 18, 2006


I'm sure that in the midst of an exam week for most of our youth, joy is not an expression that comes to mind very easily. But remember the feeling when that last answer comes and the test is turned in-- relief, delight, JOY! I think of it kind of like going to the beach. I really love our annual vacation week at the beach, but in the mind of our children they never want to leave. Think of how many people love the beach, find joy in spending their time there, but how many people actually live at the beach. Something about it just wouldn't be so special if you were there 365. I know there are exceptions here, plenty of people who love their home at the beach summer, fall, winter, and spring. But for me, I love it one week a year. We find joy at different moments in our life, and one day we will be able to experience eternal joy, a joy that doesn't go stale or get old. But for now, we only see it for moments, but those moments can define our life. Our family loves our pictures from the beach, time in the ocean, bonding with family-- but we also take a different pleasure in going to work every day, having dinner together, and all of that non-beach stuff. So remember the Joy of life-- it's not there on the surface all the time, but if we remember the joy and let it define our lives, and look for it in unexpected places we'll know it is there, even if we are sad. May the Joy of Christmas pervade your week.

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