Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Expecting Joy

Where is the Joy? In the gospels, two disciples go up to the mountain with Christ and witness his transfiguration. One of them wants to stay and live in this moment, but Jesus makes it clear that there is work to do and staying on the mountain is not an option, but perhaps a bigger change was in the two who had seen the glory of Christ and knew what was to come. In the text for this Sunday, we find John the Baptist in jail, sending his disciples to ask Jesus “are you the one, or should we expect someone else.” I think the first truth here is the understanding that we are not enough. Regardless of Jesus role as “the One”, “One” was and is needed. We can’t do it on our own. But second, John knew that if Jesus response was positive, then it had all been worth it. He had spent his life proclaiming Christ and was in jail because of it. Was it worth it? “Are you the one?” The answer to this question would validate his life, a life that had no meaning apart from Christ. I believe the response would restore John’s joy and the same understanding in our life is where Joy is found. We are nothing apart from Christ, and that he is the one which we have expected is the Joy of the advent season.

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