Monday, June 22, 2009

You Just Don't Know

If you are a regular reader (do I have regular readers?) you know that I've been writing about the book of Job for a few weeks now. If you've gotten behind, feel free to catch up here. I've always appreciated the cosmic question of this book, but I'm only now beginning to really see the scope of Job's relationship to God as it relates to all of humanity's relationship. I've gotten to chapter nine in which Job continues to curse his life, and I'd planned to skip over chapter ten as he does much of the same. But something stood out to me, read these verses:
4 Do you have eyes of flesh? Do you see as a mortal sees? 5 Are your
days like those of a mortal or your years like those of a man, 6 that you must search out my faults and probe after my sin-

If Jacob physically wrestled with God, I think that Job is taking on a mental battle here. In reading these words, I found my own voice crying out to God. How can he see things from our perspective? He is all-powerful God, but how could it be possible for Him to understand the existence of the finite? It might seem fair and just for us to suffer so, but does God really know what we're going through here?

This sounds like a great place for Christ to enter, a messiah that is fully God yet fully human, to not only understand, but to take on the suffering of humans so that we may reconcile with God.

Next we'll see what Zophar has to say.

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