Thursday, October 08, 2009

What am I to do?

Monday's mail- Belk mailing for the wife, Vera Bradley mailing for the wife, more Discover card checks for me, an offer to save $35.oo at Lowe's if I spent $350.oo or more, and this:

What has this man earned for me? The ability to save $35 on more home appliances that I don't need. An extra 20% off at Belk extra value days. A stylish purse that makes a statment.

As much as I believe in peace, and wish for an end to US involvement in Iraq and Afganistan, the stack of mail from Monday reminded me that I'm at fault for what's going on. My desires, my consumerism, my pursuit of happiness through consumption. I'm reminded of why Christ commanded those without guilt to cast the first stone, or reminded us to remove the plank in our own eyes before criticizing a brother about a speck in his eye.

Peace. Am I the obstacle.

Oh what am I to do
Just tell me what am I supposed to say -
I can't change the world,But I can change the world in me

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