Friday, February 12, 2010

Three Feet High and Rising!

OK, I don't know if many people will catch the title reference, but this post has nothing to do with De La Soul (remember Me, Myself, and I).  It has more to do with the amount of snow that I've seen outside my window this winter.  Three feet is an understatement, we're approaching 60 inches this winter with more possible Saturday and Monday.  I don't ever remember this much snow in my life.

We've been out of school nine of the last ten days.  Lots of folks complain about cabin fever, but I see this as a once in a lifetime (ok, maybe 2-5 times in a lifetime) chance to take a break from life and just BE.  Yes, my children have gotten under my skin a bit, my wife and I have had our moments, but I couldn't trade the hours that we have simply been in one another's presence the last two weeks.  We've spent our time watching old episodes of "Little House on the Prairie", playing "Dance, Dance, Revolution", eating (lots more than usual), and just being together.

I know that we get this chance over winter break and summer, but when time off and vacations are scheduled, we seem to plan it away with travel, home improvement, or other activity.  When God really opens the "storehouses of snow" and shuts down our lives, for a day or weeks, he gives us a gift that we're not smart enough to give ourselves often enough.  The gift of rest.

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