Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sound off for Poverty

This weekend, we're leading our youth group in a fundraiser for Love, Inc. called Sound off for Poverty.  The youth of Chestnut Grove (and my wife and I) will "fast" from media for the weekend, Friday-Sunday to raise awareness and money for poverty in our local communities.  We plan to bake goods to deliver to various people on Saturday, and collect toiletry/hygiene items for the Salvation Army and PACEM homeless shelters.  Forget the teenagers, on the eve of this event I am just beginning to recognize the difficulty that no t.v., no computer, no cellphone, no iPod, etc. will present for me this weekend.

So if you feel my pain, head on over to the Sound off website and donate a few dollars to help out the homeless.  An individual name isn't so important, but you can enter Chestnut Grove in the church field and Earlysville, Va in the city field.  So if you support us "tuning out the noise and tuning in the poor" here's your chance:

God bless, and I'm sounding off for the weekend.

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