Sunday, May 23, 2010


I just finished watching the last episode of Lost.  I can't say that I've been with the show for the last six years, but I picked up sometime early in season one.  I've spent the last few years like many people trying to figure out the "mystery" of the show.  But watching the last episode, I found myself happy to find resolution for the characters.  From time to time during the episode, I would stop and think about how and why, trying to understand the mystery.  But I quickly found that I lost my connection with the story of the person when I needed to understand the mystery.  Tonight I have found that I can live with the mystery, it is simply the stage on which this drama is set.  But I am content to find that the people who I've grown to care about are together... resolved, complete, redeemed.

We have searched for deeper meaning in Lost.  Is this the meaning?  There is a mystery to life, a mystery which is simply the stage on which this drama is set.  In the end, the true meaning is not in understanding the mystery, but living within it the best we can.  Hoping and persevering.  Everything is going to be ok.

So long Lost, thank you for the journey.

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