Thursday, September 23, 2010


Any idea what the big deal is with 61?  I've had a burst of activity on this blog in the last three days.  61 visits to be exact.  More visitors in three days than in the last few months combined, and I haven't posted anything new since the beginning of August.

If you're just stumbling upon the blog, or have been pointed here by a friend, I hope that you take the time to read a few of my posts.  I try to post with some regularity, just thoughts and ideas about things going on in my mind.  The title refers to the story of when Jacob tricks his older brother Esau into selling his birthrite for a simple pot of stew.

Famished and fatigued, Esau was so stuck on his immediate circumstance that he failed to appreciate the significance of the price he paid for gratification.  I try to avoid this in my life- not always successfully- and I believe that we all could learn from this mistake.  After all, that's what life is.  A brief moment of time that we've been given to make something of.  We all have to live IN the moment, but we don't have to live FOR the moment-- I want my life to be bigger than this moment.

That's my journey.  No matter how you've found this, I invite you to join me.  I can't post daily, and sometimes once a month is a struggle, but check in from time to time, and if you know me, feel free to say something.

May you find Grace and Peace in your life.

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