Sunday, December 19, 2010

An Advent Prayer of Love

Dear God,

Thank you for hearing us.  We open our mouths and hearts in prayer not always knowing what to say, but knowing that we need you.  When times are hard, and our brokenness is clear, we are grateful for your presence.  Sometimes I wonder if we need you even more in the good times.  When all is well, it is easy to say Praise to You with our lips, but in times of trouble our hearts cry out.  Keep us mindful of your presence and your providence always in our lives.  We lift our prayers to you God, we simply present you with our needs trusting that you will know the answer, that you will take care of us.

Two months ago we noticed decorations in stores and even Christmas music here and there—some of us thought it was too soon.  And now it is the Sunday before Christmas.  Where has the time gone?   

We are hopeful in the ability of your Advent to redeem the time.  When we look back on all of our efforts and striving we hope that it will come to good, when we stop to consider our present, we hope for relief, and when we look to our future we hope for salvation. 

We find peace in the knowledge of your advent.  Somehow we know that whatever may come our way; all of our hardship and suffering, grief and loss, it’s going to be ok.  Jesus birth has set things right once again. 

Your advent brings us joy—rarely does the birth of a child, the creation of new life disappoint.  When we consider the Advent, and the birth of our savior we recognize that on Christmas day, not only was a new life created, but New Life was created for humanity.  

We may never fully understand the Love that was shown by your gift given to the world on Christmas, but we give thanks that we can receive it with open hearts.  Hear our voices around the world, a thankful chorus of humanity—in every children’s pageant, in every carol sung, every bell that chimes, with every Merry Christmas wished, we celebrate the day you were born unto us. 


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