Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Best Commercial Ever

I'll  never forget the first time I tried Miracle Whip.  I had recently graduated from college and lived on my own in an unfinished basement in Harrisonburg, VA taking classes at JMU.  It was my first experience grocery shopping completely for myself.  I wanted mayonaisse for my sandwiches so like any good starving unemployed college grad I went cheap.  Little did I know the mayonaisse that I bought wasn't mayonaisse at all-- it was Miracle Whip, and it was awful.

It's odd how little experiences like that in life stick out in your mind and remain in your memory.  I don't think I've even thought about that experience until tonight when I saw it, the best commercial ever.  In an age where everyone tries their best to convince the world that they are the best this commercial is a breath of fresh air.  When organizations dress up their performance and use smoke and mirrors to impress the public, politicians polarize constituents and pretend the world is black and white, a product that tells the truth just might make a difference.

Sure, they're just trying to sell a product, but for some reason it lifts my soul to see them do it so honestly.  I could force an object lesson here, or relate this to some greater truth, but that in itself would run contrary to the ideal of this post.  I'm just writing about how much I dislike Miracle Whip and how cool it is that the folks that market Miracle Whip are ok with that.  So from now on, they're ok with me. (But I'm still never eating the stuff again.)

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