Monday, May 11, 2009

Created for the Pleasure of God

Lately I've been quite encouraged by Job 39 and have found new meaning for praise and worship in its words. It begins by God asking "Do you know when the mountain goats give birth?" God goes on to speak of parts of his creation that man would hardly consider-- "who let the wild donkey go free?"-- and when He speaks of this creation I see a smile on his face that says "look at what I have done, it brings me joy to watch my creatures do what they were made to do." Consider the ostrich he says, compared to a stork it doesn't seem very efficient; and wisdom and compassion, well the ostrich is just as likely as not to step on its own eggs and not even care, but HAVE YOU EVER SEEN IT RUN! Oh, I can't even put words on it, it puts the horse to shame, but the horse, have you considered the horse. Check this out....

He goes on and on about how each of His creatures with whatever scorn we cast upon them are made for His pleasure. There is clarity and insight in recognizing in one's self that I am made for God's pleasure. Rather than beating our chest at a lousy lot in life or puffing it up over great success, if all that we do is grounded in the understanding that I live for the pleasure of my God we can find new meaning in the life we live and all that we do. God smiles when I do what I was created to do. When God smiles, I smile with all my soul and the light shines into the darkness.

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