Thursday, May 07, 2009

U2 in Charlottesville

So I've got my General Admission Tickets for Scott Stadium, now I've got to wait until October 1 and figure out how to get close to the stage. What is it about U2?

I remember when I was a child, looking out at the stars with a sense that this universe somehow made sense. The stars and moons and planets all seem to move in an well planned dance; no struggles no problems, just harmony. But when my gaze found a line on the horizon- and yes, there is still a line on our horizon- and shifted from the heavens to the earth, it all just changed. Children going hungry, women being abused, men slaving for scraps it just wasn't right.

Well, do you ever sing along with the radio? I try my best to keep up with Bono, and every now and again, we'll hit the same note. When we do, my head seems to vibrate as if to say "that's it!" "You're on the same wavelength now." My first U2 song was "Pride" and when I heard "one man betrayed with a kiss" "they took your life, they could not take your pride" "in the name of love" my heart started vibrating in the same way as if to say we're singing from the same book. The feelings of my soul found a voice in these lyrics and melodies.

From Gloria to Magnificent, my heart beats with the conviction that something in this world is not right. Things are broken and something is waiting, perhaps even begun, to fix it. Payback and human justice just haven't cut it and we've somehow dropped the ball on the idea of jubilee. My heart cries out, and when I hear U2 I hear my heart hitting the same notes as this band and I realize that I am not alone. That together we can search for what we haven't found, that we can wait with hope for love to come to town, to claim the victory Jesus won. Love is real and its fruit is faith which gives us hope to face our days. Love, faith, hope. It is all quite...


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