Friday, December 31, 2010

A Quiet New Year

As I sit at home in pajama pants on New Year's Eve morning, I notice, for the first time, the buzz about this day.  All of the morning talk shows are prepping folks for the nights festivities- from the best food to prepare to hang-over preventions for the morning.  Cities around the world are taking care of last minute details for their first night parties, some have already begun.  I'm trying my best to opt out.

I've had my share of New Year's parties.  Lots of them were fun, but largely unfulfilling.  I really appreciate the ones where I had a chance to really connect with a few good friends and family.  But I am really starting to appreciate the virtues of quietly ringing in the New Year and getting off to a well rested and healthy start on New Year's Day.

Prince sang "tonight we're gonna party like it's 1999" and I've often looked to the end of the New Year with a sense of finality.  The year is done, go out with a bang.  Many people recognize the holidays of many non-Christian religions begin at sundown; the day begins at sundown.  Think about what this means, in our ancient past, the beginning of the day began with rest.  I pray that no matter how you celebrate New Year's eve that it will provide you with the rest and energy to face 2011 as the best you that you can be.

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