Thursday, March 17, 2011

Creativity, Gratitude, and a Big Win

Creativity, I believe, is the very image of God in every one of us.  Whether expressed through the words of a story on the page, hard work and effort to run faster than before, or in our relationships with others that nurture and sustain humanity.  We find no greater honor on this earth than for others to recognize this creative gift inside of us and value its goodness.

But it can also be devastating when this creative impulse gets overlooked or meets with derision.  This fear of rejection often stifles our natural creativity.  I know this fear, and even today sit anxious about how the public will judge my creative work.

Earlier today, the Hook, a local weekly newspaper here in Charlottesville announced me as the winner in their annual short-story contest.  John Grisham judged and declared my story the winner.  I am abundantly honored that he found value in my work.  The newsmagazine will publish my story this week, and while I’ve written on this blog for several years and published a few articles elsewhere, I find myself oddly self-conscious about this one.

I’m hopeful that public responds positively; I’m hopeful that the public responds at all.  I would like to thank Hawes Spencer and the Hook for sponsoring this contest.  Also, Stephanie Garcia who took the time to interview me and write some very kind things about me in the Hook.  Of course a thank you is in order for Mr. John Grisham for reading the stories and taking the time to judge them.  And I want to thank my wife, the only eyes to see this story before Mr. Grisham.

And thank you.  I appreciate all of you who have followed and supported my efforts at writing through A Pot of Stew and Teaching Underground; if you are new to this site, I thank you for your eyes today and hope that you will visit again.

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